Hello Tumblr! I am home!


I got back from my holiday today and I am just sorting out all my holiday snaps. Overall I had a really nice holiday despite some shitty weather.

Me and Rhianna got on very well despite my constant snoring!

I introduced her to crab fishing, and we caught about 24 in total over all!

My cousin, rhianna, sissy, father and me when to see that Planet of the apes film. It was’nt that bad! Not my sort of film but I stayed awake!

Me and Rhianna went windsurfing too which was amazing! We were actually quite good, I only fell off once! The wet suits we rented out did smell abit though and when we took them off we both knew that the smell WAS NOT OUR BO! hahahaha

We all went to Monkey World (the place where monkey diaries is filmed)

We went to the beach quite alot, and had some very nice food and watched the Bournemouth air show. 

We all walked in Poole and went shopping in Bournemouth.

Finally we went to Splash down water park and went on all the slides. However on Screamer I came off the water slide and lost my bikini top! Haha I did’nt even notice until I stood up! It was very funny and abit awkward! 

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